The breathtaking view of the ocean as well as the impressive design of the house creates a home that anyone wants to own!


The beach. Oh the beach! Hearing the word beach immediately brings us into an enchanting world of blue waters, vast heavens, refreshing air and green tall trees around us while the sand touches our feet with all its natural tranquility. Yes, the beach is indeed a place we all love to see and visit each and every day of our lives. No doubt, it would be very rewarding to live near the beach. Imagine yourself waking up with the sound of the waves and the view of the ocean- very satisfying indeed!

This modern Beach House in Miami, Florida is definitely a home you’ll wish to be your own. You will see how mesmerizing it is for both the interior and exterior areas. And of course, the beach is its main attraction as its freshness gets into the entire house wherever you are! Having a house with a fusion of modern and tropical feel would surely me very amazing. I would love to have a house like this one! Aside from the modern beauty and modern lifestyle it can offer, it has the fresh and relaxing aura of nature through its tropical feel. Scroll down the page and fill your eyes with the beauty of this Beach House!

design like a pro

Look at that beauty! The heavens and the water looked very breathtaking in purple and blue colors! Around this pool house are plants that add some natural feel into it. You can also see here high-quality furniture in white tufted upholstery combined with wood.


The interior of the house used white on most of its areas and also on its furniture with some gray accents. The flooring brings in a sandy color to the interior which mimics that of the beach. But it does have a modern contemporary feel here because of the furniture it used.

True Treasures

Palm Beach Interior design  –  Natural decors are also seen in the house just like this outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen that made use of wood for the ceiling and furniture. But aside from wood, note that Lego like seats on the side that add some color to the area. Wood can be natural, modern, contemporary and eclectic interior design. Look for a Palm Beach interior designer today!