The Savvy Shopper

The Savvy Shopper

“Why Pay Retail When You can Find a True Treasure”

True Treasures thought you’d appreciate these Savvy Shopper tips and tricks to get the most buying power and Great Deals.


When receiving a new item for consignment, all items are evaluated and priced based on quality, condition and desirability. We include dates on every tag so as item ages in the store, True Treasures will often reevaluate the price and/or be open to offers that align with market conditions and consignor expectations.

Shop Online or shop in person at our stores:

True Treasures has three stores in Palm Beach County; North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Delray; no two stores or items are alike. We offer have a wide selection of household furnishings and home décor. Due to the fact that our inventory is constantly changing and updating, we encourage our customers to visit our stores regularly and surf our web site to see the current inventory.

Unquestionable Quality.

No need to be concerned about quality. We’ve got that covered for you. We have a highly trained Intake manager and a well-oiled intake process. Intake is the name for that part of our business where consignors submit home furnishings for initial review to see if they will be accepted for sale at True Treasures.

Shop Online or shop in person at our Store. 

True Treasures is three stores bursting at the seams with gorgeous tables, sofas, desks, credenzas, chairs, armoires, shelving, beds, artwork décor and more. Chandeliers drip from the ceilings, floor lamps stand tall like beacons, draperies made from luxurious fabrics flow like waterfalls and our shelves and walls boast beautiful sconces, dinnerware, china, unique décor and so much more!

Thanks to modern technology, everything that you see for sale in our store is available on our website. Just click “Shop!”

Shop Often.

OK, this is where it gets exciting! Consignors are bringing in new merchandise all day, every day. Our intake manager spends her entire day approving and pricing new merchandise. Our photographer is snapping photos of the new merchandise and loading it into our software which puts it into our register system and on our website ready for sale! Literally, every minute we’re open we are putting out new merchandise for sale.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for. Stop back and shop often!

Tell me what you want. What you really really want.

Fill out our wish list.  Let us know what you’re looking for and if get in a match, you’ll automatically be notified via email. We can also let consignors know what brands and pieces are sought after to see if they happen to have that or know someone who does.

Snap. Snap. 

Bring in photos of the areas in your home that you’re looking to redecorate or bring paint chips, fabric swatches, pillows and throws you’re looking to coordinate.

Feel free to photograph anything you’d like in our store. Sometimes looking at the photos in your home, in the exact space where you want that furniture to go, helps you better decide on a look, feel and dimensions. Once you decide, you can always call our store and pay for the items to make sure they make it to your home.

Take your time, but hurry. 

The upside to consignment is the one of a kind, unique pieces available. The downside to consignment is the one of a kind, unique pieces available. Just as you are thinking over a piece of furniture, someone else may have thought about it and decided to buy it. It happens all too often, and we always feel bad when someone returns to the store to buy something they decided they really wanted, but someone else bought. Oh, how we hate uttering the words, “I’m sorry, but that item sold.” Save us and yourself from the anguish and take your time looking, but hurry if you want to buy.

Know your brands or ask.

Unless you’re a furniture aficionado, you may not be familiar with every brand and designer out there. This can often lead to misunderstandings over pricing. Feel free to ask any sales associate for help understanding a brand. We’ll be happy to help you understand the quality you’re buying and… how much you’re truly saving in your purchase at True Treasures.

Measure twice, cut once. 

That’s a rule of thumb for designers and builders and while you may not have to cut anything, you don’t want to get your gorgeous piece of furniture home only to find out its too tall for the ceiling (yes, we’ve seen it happen) or too long for the room (yes, we’ve seen that happen too!)

Every sales associate carries a tape measure. We are happy to measure any items in our store that are of interest. All items have measurements on our website and most items should have measurements on the price tag, however if not just ask and we’ll be happy to help!

Also, bring in measurements from home so you can “measure twice” once at home and once at the store.

The Land of No Returns.

When items are purchased, checks are issued to our consignors. They get a percentage of the sale of their items. Due to the nature of the consignment business we just simply cannot accept returns. Oh, I know… I dislike that word “can’t” probably as much or even more than you do, but I hope you’ll respect our modality of business and our consignors (your fellow friends, neighbors and community members) and understand that this is the nature of our business.

Measure twice.

Snap photos.

Understand the brands so you appreciate the excellent savings.