5 Romantic Decore Ideas for the Bedroom

1. Dress your bed with quality cotton sheets in solid colors, prints, or patterns that reflect your mood. Top your bed with a comforter, duvet, or feather bed to add drama to your decorative style.

2. Select the right bed and other furniture. Don’t make the mistake of getting a bed that is too big or too small for the room. And instead of the standard chest of drawers, why not try an armoire.

3. The bed can not be deemed romantic without lots of pillows. Use a mix of pillow sizes and shapes begin by propping two or more of the large, European-sized pillows against the headboard. They will look sweet behind rectangular pillows. Add texture and dimension by using various shaped small pillows covered in different weaves, finishes, and laces.

4. Paint the room in a warm neutral color. Consider adding texture and depth to the walls with faux painting, stenciling, or rubber stamping.
5. Add your own touches with your bedroom decorating ideas: Hang your favorite photos in unusual frames; place a vase containing fresh flowers on your bedside tables, or display sculptures and figurines that reflect your personality and mood.

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