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The best part of shopping for antiques is digging through antique stores, and True Treasures Inc. keeps their stores filled with the finest antiques. Antiques can add extra flair and depth to any space, bringing rich history and unique looks into your home. Adorn your home with stunning chandeliers or an Italian Chaise that’s over 120 years old! Every piece sold at True Treasures Inc. tells a story. A felt-top ornate wooden desk tells of its construction at the hands of a master carpenter, it typifies the in-vogue styles of its time. The antiques for sale at True Treasures Inc. are so much more than simply old things, they’re little slices of history and culture.

Some antique stores in North Palm Beach fail to give their vintage pieces the TLC they need. Even worse, they may buy and sell incredibly worn items simply because they’re antique. True Treasures Inc. doesn’t work with subpar vintage items. Their stores are filled with pristine antiques that show virtually no signs of wear. Shopping at True Treasures Inc. gives you the best of both worlds. Yes, you can have vintage items which seem good as new!

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True Treasures Inc. has been selling high quality antique items in South Florida for over 25 years. Their established reputation is what helps them in procuring the best antiques for their stores. Depend on them for your collectibles in North Palm Beach, they carry the hardest to find collectibles. If you’re searching for that unique serving plate in a specific pattern to complete your set, there’s a chance the missing piece is hiding at True Treasures Inc. Their china closets are full of vintage crystal wares and even hard to find Royal Doulton figurines.

Explore the ever-changing selection of antiques at True Treasures Inc. for you and your loved ones. Antiques are perfect for decorating your home with unique items nobody else will have. They’re the perfect solution for thoughtful gift giving. The antiques at True Treasures Inc. aren’t limited to South Florida, they list a portion of their finest merchandise online for shoppers across the country.