Once the pariah of the decorating world, garden statuary is now super chic. If you haven’t yet, invite your statuary inside, featuring it front and center in your displays in all-year-round. That’s why True Treasures in West Palm Beach has a large selection. Many home decor sculptures explore a range of human subjects. Love and family sculptures will remind you of those you adore, while musicians and entwined dancers get the blood flowing with musical statuettes, as well as cartoons that might just bring you back to your childhood.

No matter the size or shape, a stylish sculpture never fails to bring fresh energy to a dull space.

The Four Sculpture Types
Sculptures fall into four basic categories: molded, cast, carved or even assembled. The media an artist uses for molded sculptures include clay, wax, bronze, stone, papier-mache, and even plaster.

Three Basic Sculpture Processes
The sculpture is created through three basic processes: carving, modeling, or assembly. Carving: The sculptor removes unwanted material to create the form. This is also called subtractive sculpture. Generally, materials such as a block of wood, stone, and other hard materials are used.

At True Treasures, our designers know room changing art can be hard to come by, as anyone who has attempted to fill his or her residence with lust-worthy designs knows, but a room is often not complete until a statement piece finds its way home.

Looking for a rare or unique sculpture? Come see us. Our experts will guide you to the statue that fits your style and budget.