How To Save With Consignment

Our Mission is to make our Customers & Consignors Simultaneously Delighted.

True Treasures serves two customers: Consignors and Shoppers. Consignors want to enjoy the highest fair market value for their beautiful home pieces which most likely were purchased at full retail price. Shoppers want to purchase high quality, luxury home furnishings affordably.True Treasures uses a host of data including an historical pricing database, brand and designer trends and sales, marketplace availability and current market values in order to reasonably price every single piece of merchandise fairly. To price fairly to appease both Consignors and Shoppers is no easy feat, but with our extensive training and loyalty of Consignors and Shoppers, we think we’ve nailed this!



True Treasures price tags have the item number and the date received. We do not have any set discount period but as an item matures we often put them on sale which is shown in the store and on the website. On some selected items we will entertain offers.

Promotions & Special Offers

TT will run sales, promotions and managers special pricing events. They will be announced in our weekly email or come to the stores to view all the sale items.

Should have bought it when I saw it.

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At True Treasures we’re a social bunch of people. We love to chat with people in person, in writing and online through social media.