Furniture shopping is always a challenging experience. It’s difficult to find the perfect piece for your home and tastes. Lately, stores seem to be focusing on one size fits all furniture options. They sell mass produced furniture, assuming everyone has the same needs and styles. If you’re furniture shopping in South Florida, you should stop at one of the best furniture stores in North Palm Beach, True Treasures Inc. They have three South Florida locations full of unique furniture fit for every home, style and budget.

It’s been said for some time that things just aren’t made the way they used to be. New furniture pieces are always increasing in price, yet it seems that they’re decreasing in quality. Big furniture stores are selling more and more cheaply made furniture, pieces that are glued together quickly in factories and shipped off thousands at a time. True Treasures Inc. is breaking this cycle, providing quality consignment and antique furniture that is often constructed with the quality craftsmanship of years past. If you were purchasing a new piece of furniture created by hand, the costs would be astronomical. Luckily, True Treasures Inc. enables you to experience the quality of handmade craftsmanship without the price. They sell a fusion of consignment and antique items, promising shoppers an excellent furniture buying experience.

This combination of consignment and antique furniture makes True Treasures Inc. the best place to find consignment furniture in North Palm Beach. In most consignment stores, shoppers trade high quality for low prices. Consignment furniture can be fine furniture in North Palm Beach when you shop at True Treasures Inc. They offer luxury items, such as a French Boulle Franz Hermle Clock, for incredible prices. Their vintage consignment furniture encompasses all decades, from art deco 1920’s desks to contemporary streamlined end tables. They also sell newer fine furniture items, such as a rich wooden Tommy Bahama desks. Shopping at True Treasures Inc. brings together both consignment furniture and fine furniture by offering fine items at consignment prices.

You can count on True Treasures Inc. to meet the stylistic needs of any shopper. Their furniture and antique collections are second to none, with two massive stores full of merchandise. Many of their antique furniture pieces are in pristine condition, such as decades old chairs with their original webbing and accent chairs sporting their vintage upholstered designs. Their merchandise spans generations and continents. They have furniture and home décor items from Italy, England and even China. The wide furniture selections at True Treasures Inc. ensure that even the pickiest of shoppers will be able to find that perfect furniture item for their home. Their discounted prices will let you enjoy fine home goods without emptying out your wallet. Why pay retail when you can find a true treasure? Begin your hunt for the perfect furniture in North Palm Beach at True Treasures Inc.